Chain Cult Demo 2018

by Chain Cult

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released January 1, 2018

Demo recorded, mixed & mastered by George Christoforidis at Ignite Studio, in Athens, Autumn 2017

Artwork & layout by A.D. Visions

All music & lyrics by Chain Cult

Tape format, limited in 150 copies. self-released. sold out.
Vinyl format available through:


*in case it's not for free, we have run out of free downloads*


all rights reserved



Chain Cult Athens, Greece

dark / post-punk trio

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Track Name: Empty Hearts
What's the price we pay
to find a place warm enough
to live, to love, to be loved

Tried for the right decisions
but the context seems so wrong
in this cold ruthless world

Our dreams greeted with derision
this deadweight is too much
I don't really know what's going on
we face tomorrow with empty heart

As we sink into grayness
let us all celebrate
a brand new life of misconceptions

To live, to love and to be loved
we face tomorrow with empty hearts
Track Name: Black Hole
Days keep passing by
this situation sucks me dry
I tried so hard to cope
but I can’t get no rest - no hope

So many hours of work
and paid in misery
this hoax can't go on
I need so much more

I want a new perspective
I have to find a way out
I'll fight to get out of
this black hole

Don't give me nonsense
that is this all I can get
Everyday the same routine
days just passing by

I’ve got to get out
of this black hole
Track Name: Chain Cult
We are the Chain Cult
always planning a sabotage
against all those they forced on us
and our cult expands
and our chains expand

We are together on our own, ready to throw the first stone
Spike the fire, break the chain
We've been filled with a viral hate

Daydreaming eyes, reflecting the danger
Staring with a lust for the sabotage
the sabotage

We are the Chain Cult
We're not buried in the ground no more
We'll grow like seeds again
and our cult expands

Mutant blood running through the veins
We've been filled with a viral hate
Spike the fire, break the chain
We are ready to grow again

We’ll grow again
We’ll live again
Track Name: State Of Fear
When world's falling apart
Darkness crawls
You're trying to stand on your feet
but they're everywhere

Repressing your thoughts
You're feeling guilty
Desperation in your sleep

Now fear resides here

Names changing
Values fading
People blaming,
Lives without a meaning

(We're) in a State of Fear
it seems so far but it's very near
Track Name: Overflown Decay
There's a fountain drained in our darkest depths
There's water sometimes flowing in the trench
I had once the guts to glance at the surface
but I did not even recognize myself

All the words we say, all the promises we make
are but a pointless try, foreshadowing decay

All the endless struggle, all the roles that we play
are just a fraud, an overflown decay
Track Name: Lost Signal
Distorted sound, blurred images
Life in a cage, a self imprisonment

Obscure thoughts, you have no signal
You stand alone, in a lifeless desert

You raised walls, you fortified your weakness
You bowed to devices, but your signal is lost
You spread wires to amplify your senses
Fixed lives, a sweeping misery

Tear down your walls
End your incarceration
Control and deception
Life is where there’s no darkness

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