Shallow Grave

by Chain Cult

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All Music and Lyrics by Chain Cult

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by George Christoforidis at Ignite Studio, Athens, between May and July 2019

Artwork Design and Layout by Aris Panagopoulos, A.D. Visions

Released by La Vida Es Un Mus, UK, 2019, in 1000 copies

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Chain Cult is:

Vangelis – drums & backing vocals
Jason – bass & vocals
Dino – guitars

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released November 22, 2019


all rights reserved



Chain Cult Athens, Greece

dark / post-punk trio

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Track Name: The Uninvited
The Uninvited

Where life stays, always the same
Where days stuck in the mud

Νo light to shine through
A place with no windows or exits

The uninvited of the world

A place no one calls by name
A place, where everyone forgets

As they never existed
Where everyone carries their chains

Where lives stuck in the mud
No light to shine through

Where life has always a bad taste
The neglected of the world

The unpersons of the world
The uninvited of the world

A monument to oblivion
The uninvited of the world
Track Name: End Of Days
End of days

We don't seem to get the problem
World turns to a nightmare
There won't be a day after
Just don't say ‘I didn't know’

We are living in denial
It's not far away
The end of days, the end of days

Soon there will be a day
When the sky will turn to shadows
Consuming, destroying, polluting and killing
Just don’t say ‘I didn't know’

Nothing changed, still the same
Maybe it’s time to take the blame
Nothing changed, still the same
That we couldn't see the end of days
Track Name: Shallow Grave
Shallow Grave

Smoke, blood and darkness all around you
You try to breath in the open air
Your life is an endless graveyard
Your life is like a shallow grave

You had to stand before the gallows
But now it’s time to say ‘I can’t take it anymore’
They’ve got you lined up and walled off
You've got to settle for nothing less
Track Name: Witch Hunt
Witch Hunt

Blinded masses with burning eyes, bearing torches
Screaming voices from the deepest past
Wild packs calling for extermination
Of all those, who never fit at their world
Mob mentality
Carefully manipulated all those years
by the ruling class

Death, incarceration
It’s mass hysteria

Pain, exile
It’s paranoia

Witch hunt
Mob mentality
Track Name: A Distant Echo
A Distant Echo

What can you do,
when the gap is widening?
Day by day
We are losing touch

Still carrying those moments
Getting lost into your stare
But the words got empty
And the miles got the best of us

So far away
Another city, another life
Your voice is haunting me
A distant echo

And I'm dancing away
On every last goodbye
A million Sundays
Running through my veins

The night illusions
Now I leave behind
As the dawn rises
I dive into a new dream

A distant echo
Or is it a new dream?
Track Name: Under The Gun
Under The Gun

This constant stress and anxiety
Has taken the last of me
Dealing with ignorant people
It keeps exhausting me

I've reached my boiling point
I’m totally drained
I can't keep doing this
I have to get away

Waiting for my turning point
Trying to make sense

I push myself to the edge
Μy eyes are watching through the end
I got nothing left to prove
I'm always under the gun
Under the gun

Waiting for my turning point
Trying to stay on my way

Where life's no fun,
When we are on the run,
When life's no fun
Keeping myself under the gun
Track Name: Traffic
7. Traffic

6 pm, stuck in the traffic, trouble at work
You're pissed off and angry
Some clash on the east, the sports are coming
The west is threatening, tension is rising
No, it’s not the time, it was stressful today
Need to clear your mind
Change the program, drive and drive
Need some gas, you're shocked by the price

Cities on fire, the skies are burning
And all you do is curse, about the fuel price
Bombs are falling, people are dying
It’s just a white noise for another mile

6.30 at a red light, a scared man, is asking for money
You feel bored, you throw him a coin
The stereo's loud, you turn on the engine
Track Name: City Of Ruins
8. The City of Ruins

All those I won’t forget
The City of Ruins

All at once
All those I won’t forget
Those I'll never leave behind

All at once
The sound of my broken voice
The silence after the noise

Careless, fearless, ready to burn it all

All the things I never wanted
All the moments I’ve forgotten
Now, they don't seem to leave my side

All at once
Those I won’t forget
The neighborhood I never left

Now, they don’t seem to leave my side
All the things I never wanted
All these moments I’ve forgotten

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